06 Oct

Personal Review of OmegaT, its usefulness, advantages and shortcomings

OmegaT is my CAT tool of choice. It is an open source Computer-assisted Translation software tool available in the market since 2002. In addition to the traditional translation memory function, which is the standard function of most CAT tools, OmegaT provides dictionary and terminology building by the translator, and support of multiple files in translation projects, in a streamlined user interface that does not force itself on you or bloat your machine operating system as other famous computer tools of the trade. An elegant and light-weight application that neither deplete machine memory or the hard disk nor mess up user screen with interface components and features you might not want when you start using a CAT tool.

I was lucky that I started using CAT tools by OmegaT before the famous Trados that I still do not use daily. One advantage of OmegaT is interoperability. In most cases, it imports translation memory files that other tools create, lets translator use these, and saves them in their format to assist any colleague translator to continue the project and work and import them in their tool.

I have used OmegaT in several projects including text documents, web sites and pages and also comouter and mobile applications.

OmegaT Advantages

  • Arabic language support at translation project level
  • Light on system resources and memory
  • A UI that is easy to use and streamlined, specially for CAT starters
  • Open source software, programmers can enhance and add features through Java programming and hobbyists can use Groovy
  • Support of Arabic spelling check
  • Support of many project file formats
  • A supportive and living community of users, available on sourceforge, telegram or the mailing list


  • Almost obsolete Arabic UI localization. OmegaT reached version 5 but the available localization is for the version 3.
  • Few collaboration between tool users in Arab countries or Arabic speakers.
03 May

A cat not a tool

a cat


A cat but not a tool!! This is a cat that managed to go upstairs getting into my workplace!

01 May

Why TED Talks don’t change people’s behaviors

This is mesmerizing galvanizing and GREAT. Gotta see this and …

This talk postulates and tells why TED talks don’t change viewers behavior !

Talking on human behavior, Tom Asacker also reminds that human is simply not a machine.

I did not see TED talks for some years may be.

But hey, this is not just another TED talk !

22 Apr

Language translation movement in Saudi Arabia , a seminar

King Faisal Centre for Research and Islamic Studies

King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies

King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies (KFCRIS), a famous destination in the Kingdom for researchers in humanities, is organizing a seminar on language translation movement in Saudi Arabia by Dr. Fayiz ibn Ali AsShehri who is the dean of College of Language and Translation at King Saud University.

From the title of the seminar, it will focus on the Saudi translation observatory as a model.  Although the observatory has been recently established according to my information.

I will try to attend such noted event, and hopefully cover seminar proceedings and information here at the blog by posting notes and related media.