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Hello and Welcome 🙂

Welcome dear visitor to Abdunnasir non-daily place at the inter-webs …

I am your host here, a beginner translator working on transferring works in between Arabic and English languages.

This blog will be a place to find resources on translation and localization in addition to topics of my opinion.

Things I am passionate about :

  • Reading
  • Language , linguistics and its sub-fields
  • Psychology and its sub-fields
  • Cognition , phenomenon and sciences
  • Writing
  • Minimalism as a lifestyle
  • Cold Mocha
  • Human communication, being tactful , good manners
  • Product naming
  • Websites translation, a.k.a. localization ( as a linguist and to a lesser extent as an engineer )
  • I value helping people.

I was born in Al Eissa village near Taif, now I live in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I work in the vast field of language translation trying to hone and apply my skills in website and software localization production.

Stay tuned.